Content marketing is hardly a new idea. The rise of content marketing can be traced all the way back to the Michelin Company’s development of The Michelin Guide in 1900. However, it hasn’t been until the past couple years that content marketing has become a hot topic for businesses marketing on the web.

If you’re not familiar with the term “content marketing,” the idea behind this type of marketing is to offer customers and prospective customers valuable, top quality, relevant information. By delivering this information, businesses are able to generate quality leads, build their brand, increase interest and even bring in targeted prospects. Just a few of the forms that online content marketing involves include webcasts, emails, webinars, ebooks, blogs, whitepapers, infographics and articles. If you would like to learn more about content marketing check out this interactive site.

In the past, online marketers were using old tactics like link building to get results. However, those older SEO tactics have quickly become ineffective, especially with recent updates from big search engines, such as the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. This has led to the fast rise of content marketing. Today, to succeed in the online marketing world, you have to create high quality, unique content and get it out there in front of consumers.

Why should your business begin applying content marketing?

Here are just a few of the benefits of content marketing that make this form of marketing an excellent choice for any company.

1. Increase Company Visibility – One of the main benefits of content marketing is its ability to help you increase company visibility. You may have the best products and customer service out there, but if no one knows about your company, your company will not succeed. Content can help get the word out there. Simply starting a blog for your company, one simple type of content, can increase inbound links by 97% and increase visitors by 55%.

2. Build Trust and Brand Loyalty – Content marketing also builds trust and brand loyalty. Consumers like getting to know companies through content instead of ads. When you provide consumers with free content, it shows that your company is reliable and trustworthy. Studies actually show that 60% of consumers say that they feel far more positive about a company once they read custom content on the company’s website.

3. Better Return on Investment – Companies also find that content marketing offers a better return on investment than other marketing strategies. Pay per click marketing can quickly drain your company’s marketing budget. Content marketing is cheaper and offers better results. This means you’ll be paying less per lead that you receive, while enjoying results that will boost your bottom line.

Your business cannot afford to ignore the rise of content marketing. Content is so important to consumers that your business will fail unless you decide to use this form of marketing for your own company. Don’t get left behind. Start learning how your business can enjoy the benefits of content marketing.

Mark Gavalda is a web designer and webdeveloper, a wordpress expert. He manages Mandloys Web Design Agency.

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