The SEO part of the SEO copywriter

2nd December 2009SEO Copywriting

People often think that an SEO copywriter somehow differs from any other type of copywriter, that the SEO copywriter needs to think in different ways, to apply different skills, that they weave magic spells that will hypnotise Google into handing out top search placements. Well you know what? People are right (partly). The SEO copywriter does play … Read More

How a copywriter can tweet with taste

31st August 2009Social Media

People keep asking why any one would spend their time advertising other people’s web sites through links on Twitter? A copywriter tweeting links to other copywriter’s sites? Well the simple answer is that what you post reflects who you are. If you can add value to other people’s Twitter experience with helpful, informative tweets then you … Read More

Why the market should guide your copywriting

30th August 2009Web Copywriting

It’s easy to fall into a trap with copywriting of writing for yourself, and not the market you are writing for. It’s a potentially disastrous error. Trying to add too much personality, opinion or subjectivity to a piece of work can easily distract a copywriter from a project’s intended audience and its objective. Remember too that … Read More

6 Top Tips for your Press Release Copywriting

15th July 2009Press Release Copywriting

Ok stop yawning at the back. Pay attention. Press release copywriting could win you a heap of traffic. Much maligned and abused over recent years you’d be forgiven for thinking that, these days, press releases and the art of press release copywriting have been relegated to a virtual irrelevance. Information subsuming information through free to … Read More