Beware brochure copywriting – It’s not what you say…

25th March 2009Copywriting

When it comes to web copywriting it’s never been truer that it’s not what you say, but the way that you say it. Add tone to your copywriting Any copywriter will tell you tone is incredibly important when developing appropriate copy. The way in which your message is conveyed is hugely dependent on tone – a … Read More

Go Web Copywriter GO!

1st February 2009Web Copywriting

Whether the cake is getting smaller or more people are trying to take it from you, threat inspires innovative problem solving, and a web copywriter can help

The universal language of the web copywriter

22nd January 2009Web Copywriting

The literary world is a strange one, terraced by varying degrees of acceptability whereon published authors look down with disdain upon mere journalists, and journalists return the compliment by looking down upon the lowest of the low – the web copywriter. Writing commercial copy is often seen as ‘bread and butter’ work – enough to … Read More