Content sources you didn’t know you had

8th July 2014Content Marketing, Content Strategy

If there is one thing that unites modern marketers it is the need for content sources. This need is so vast, that companies are sinking an ever-larger share of the marketing budget into creating content. Yet, no matter how organised and streamlined the process may be, there are still dry spells in the content creation … Read More

This one stat means you need laser-guided calls to action

1st July 2014Content Strategy

Calls to action Calls to action should be targeted. (You know that already) Calls to action should be action-oriented. (Yep. You knew that too.) But how many options should you give someone? ‘Common’ sense might dictate many, if it’s a webpage they’re looking at. (I’d say have a single focus anyway while providing some options…) … Read More

How to write blog posts that people love to read

24th June 2014Blogging

You want to write blog posts that people love to read, don’t you? We all want to be the voice that stops prospects and customers in their tracks and makes them think, don’t we? Our brand officers and marketing departments want us to create a stream of desirable content that search engines love, don’t they? … Read More

Signs of great product description copywriting

17th June 2014Product Descriptions

Hopefully you have already decided to rewrite the boring product description copywriting that come with products in your ecommerce database. (You know, those default descriptions you see everywhere that make you want to scream into the computer with curses about originality and standing out from the crowd…) Perhaps you’ve even had a go at product … Read More

Breaking news: 3 steps to reduce copywriting panic

5th June 2014Content Strategy

Does the idea of producing new copywriting content responding to recent events cause your palms to break out in a cold sweat? Are you unnaturally worried about how your business would respond to – or even capitalise on – breaking news in your sector? Well, you’re not alone. But you can settle the nerves and … Read More

Yet again, research shows customers prefer email

21st May 2014Email Copywriting

It seems like every other month, we’re told that The Next Big Thing is the next big thing. This is especially true of the online / content marketing / social media world of today. But what is really working for brands and what do customers really prefer? Well, I’m here to say (yet again) it’s … Read More

Remember your body copy

8th May 2014Copywriting

Google’s head of web spam recently posted a video of himself as a floating head. Find out why and what you need to know about body copy.

Guest blogging in the news again

1st May 2014Blogging

Recently, it seems that Google took a very public move to give the death-knell to spammy guest blogging.   The reasons for doing this are probably quite simple. (No, they’re not saying.)   This was a big network. It was very public, and very vocal about its policies and tactics.   Google hasn’t confirmed which … Read More

6 content items your B2B buyers want NEED from your website

30th April 2014Web Copywriting

Research is a funny thing isn’t it? Often it confirms our suspicions and sometimes it surprises us with facts that we would never have thought possible.   Website behaviour – or rather the behaviour of people on websites – is one type of research that I really really enjoy reading. Not only because it helps … Read More

Are you making these 5 mistakes with press releases?

29th April 2014Content Strategy

You’ve just spend the better part of your afternoon writing up press releases about the latest and greatest development in your business.   You’ve put in the quotes and you’re fired up and ready to spread it to the masses.   But, wait. Before you hit send make sure you’re not guilty of one of … Read More

Top 5 must-have skills in digital marketing & PR

28th April 2014Content Marketing

The importance of real time digital marketing & PR and the proliferation of digital tools and social networks have changed the skills your business needs to succeed with digital marketing. Don’t get us wrong, the traditional marketing skills are not dead – you still need to understand audiences and how to create a campaign.   … Read More

Social Media and Customer Service – A PR Recipe

25th April 2014Social Media

Why are you surprised that your customers turn to social media when they are frustrated with a brand, company, product or experience? There are no doors What used to go on over the telephone with your CSRs and what used to happen at the front of the queue at the returns counter are no longer … Read More

Get real(time) PR working for you

24th April 2014Press Release Copywriting

Newsjacking, global communication, social media, PR, reputation management and mobile all have one thing in common. They operate in real time. Now ask yourself this – are you equipped to deal with real time events in your industry? What about in response to something happening within or to your business? If not, you could not … Read More

How to write instructional blog posts

23rd April 2014Blogging

A little while age we looked at ‘Five types of instructional blog posts to hook visitors’. These were: How to… Inspirational tales Primers/ guides Inside insights Interviews Each of these types of blogs post can draw in visitors and provide value. But according to recent research published by Steve Masters over at Econsultancy, the first … Read More

What can you do to keep your email subscribers hooked?

22nd April 2014Email Copywriting

Getting hold of people’s email addresses and getting their permission to become email subscribers is just the first step of email marketing. Getting them to actually read them is the next. Once you’ve got them reading your marketing emails, the trick is to keep them interested, and deter them from clicking on that pesky ‘unsubscribe’ … Read More

PR and reputation management 101

21st April 2014Branding & Brand Story

A brand is all about perception, so it makes sense to think about public relations (PR) and reputation management as key pieces in your marketing and branding activities. As you build a reputation – both online and off – you build up your brand’s profile. And as you grow your brand, you grow its value. … Read More

Five types of blog posts to hook visitors

18th April 2014Content Strategy

A blog is one of the most powerful ways to reach out to your customers online, and it can also help you to create a two-way dialogue which enables you to learn more about them and their needs. But in order for it to do that, your blog must capture their attention and their imagination, … Read More

Five powerful ways to add value to your online articles and content

17th April 2014Content Strategy

Ask any online marketing professional or web copywriter what the most important reason for creating online articles and content is, and they’re likely to respond, ‘to add value’. If you’re creating online articles and content simply for the sake of having some content up there, or to satisfy some supposed SEO criteria, you’re missing out … Read More

Set up your own social media newsroom

16th April 2014Social Media

Think about this for a moment: the press release is a text-based promotional tool developed over 100 years ago.   It was/is not designed for the social media-powered sharing-sharing of today’s media world. And despite what they might say, the traditional wire service is also (though something not to forego) a traditional way of getting … Read More

Content marketing: how to leverage online content when you don’t sell online

15th April 2014Content Marketing

The internet has changed the way that many businesses do business and think about online content. Over the past decade e-commerce has gone from being a buzzword to a global marketplace expected to be worth $1.5 trillion by the end of the year ( There are millions of businesses cashing in on the opportunity to … Read More

Heads up SEO copywriters: Google’s gurus reveal all at SMX West

11th April 2014SEO Copywriting

Every year on the other side of the Atlantic, the Search Marketing Expo – better known as SMX West – draws digital marketers, SEO copywriters and SEO specialists of all flavours to California. The event, programmed by the editors over at Search Engine Land, frequently provides insights into the current state of digital marketing and … Read More