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You'll also receive practical suggestions on what kind of content you should be publishing and the strategies you need to apply to get better results with your online marketing. 


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SEO? Social media? Blogging?

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Chances are if you're neglecting your social media, not writing blogs, not developing back links through strategically placed content or adding new evergreen content to your site, then you could be gradually slipping down the rankings. Your market share is being nibbled away by competitors who understand the value of consistent content marketing. But all is not lost!

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Understanding where your site ranks amongst your competitors means you can create even better content.  By publishing your content in a targeted way you can increase hits and conversions. 

Knowing your keyword reach means you can compare yourself accurately to your competitors. You can then target specific keywords and increase your traffic by publishing blogs, articles and social media posts.


Useful insights to get you started.

This personalised report will mean you can see clearly what you need to do in relation to your website's content. 

By looking at your keyword performance, you can get insight into what you're currently ranking for and where you need to concentrate your content marketing efforts in order to improve your SEO.

Finally, an assessment of how you compare with your customers for backlinks will give you a good idea of why they might be outranking you and why you might need to increase your efforts to get inbound links to your site.

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