Legendary American luxury car brand Cadillac has this month hired a new advertising agency to promote it, and with it the company is revamping its brand story.

Cadillac executive Bob Ferguson recently told WardsAuto that, “it is the appropriate time to put some emotion back into the brand. To do that will require injecting some storytelling.”

The firm will be focusing on the heritage of its brand but also looking to the future, and according to Ferguson, “It is a story that differentiates us from the European or Japanese competitor.”

Telling your brand story

It’s not just well-known corporate giants that have a story to tell though, and even small businesses can capitalise on what makes them distinct and unique by focusing on their brand story. And the most important part of this brand story is forging an emotional connection with your customers.

For Cadillac, that emotional connection is one of nostalgia for classic American automobiles and all the cultural symbolism that conveys. For you it should be something that says something meaningful about you as a company while at the same time touching some unmet need or desire in the customer.

Without a brand story your product may indistinguishable from all the other similar ones on the market. Sure,Cadillacs have that luxury look, but without that narrative behind them they’d still be just another car.

Your brand story may contain some of the history of your company but it should be much more than this. Maybe it’s the story of how you had a problem, which you then realised other people shared and set out to solve, leading to the creation of your product range. Maybe it’s a story of how you were passionate about something, such as the environment, so you decided to turn the way things were done in your industry on their head.

When you communicate your narrative to people, you give your brand a strong identity and distinguish it from its competitors.

So what’s your brand story?

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