Fashion Copywriter Tips – Writing Better Product Descriptions

27th July 2013Fashion & Apparel, Product Descriptions, Web Copywriting

Your products are the lifeblood of your business, so it makes sense to spend a little time crafting excellent, engaging copy that will sell them effectively. When a new line of shoes or dresses comes in, don’t just stick the manufacturer’s standard copy up on your website – use these fashion copywriter tips to create your own unique product descriptions … Read More

Is The Home Page Really Dead?

17th June 2013Web Copywriting

Ever since the first search engines roamed the web, people have been discovering internal pages first. But the home page has continued to fulfil a vital role in being the place where many do make first contact.

Are you guilty of thinking about SEO this way?

31st May 2013Web Copywriting

You’ve just created that killer blog post or article, and you’re about to hit publish, but then you remember – search engine optimisation. So you tweak your content a little here and there to please the search engine gods, send it off into the virtual ether, and hope for the best. Is this approach working for you? Is … Read More

Grammar in SEO copywriting

20th May 2013SEO Copywriting, Web Copywriting

Ensuring your SEO copywriting appeals to search engines has moved far beyond strategically placed keywords. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, Quality Score and ‘dwell time’ along with countless other factors that the main search engines use to determine content quality, mean that site ranking ultimately lies in providing a good end-user experience. Specifically, SEO copywriters need to focus on … Read More

The SEO Copywriter Checklist

13th May 2013SEO Copywriting, Web Copywriting

Being an SEO copywriter is a delicate balancing act that involves pleasing human users and satisfying the search engines’ criteria for good, relevant content. But fortunately it’s not all guesswork, and there are certain ways of doing things that remain true for all content and across all the major search engines. Here for the uninitiated, we present a checklist … Read More

Copywriting for Boring Businesses

29th April 2013Web Copywriting

Although it sounds exciting, we can’t all be rock stars. And I’m pretty sure that we only need one Doctor Who to protect the galaxy. So, what are the rest of us supposed to do for a living? If you or your client’s line of work doesn’t involve regularly throwing televisions out of windows or exterminating Daleks, … Read More

3 Magic Copywriting Words You Never Noticed Before

26th April 2013Web Copywriting

Copywriting is all about using the power of words to achieve certain outcomes, and the role of the copywriter is to craft words and sentences into compelling copy. But some words have more power than others, and they’re not necessarily the ones you might think of. The two most powerful magic words are not yours… ..They are your customer’s. … Read More

Do You Make These Four Copywriting Mistakes?

16th April 2013Web Copywriting

Four mistakes a copywriter must avoid in the quest to create irresistible copy: Talking about yourself too much Science has proved what interviewers and journalists the world over already know – people love to talk about themselves. In a 2012 study by Harvard University Psychology Department, researchers discovered that humans receive a chemical kick every time they are given … Read More

Three Time-Tested Copywriter Tips for Calls-to-Action

15th April 2013Web Copywriting

Good online copywriting is at the heart of making your website or any other internet- based campaign a success. And nowhere is the strength of your copy more important than in the call to action at the end. It’s all well and good having 400 words or so of prime copy that interests the reader and compels them … Read More

10 Simple Ways to Better Web Copywriting

8th April 2013Web Copywriting

Good copywriting can do a lot for your website. It can mean the difference between getting a visitor and making a new customer, so it’s worth investing in the services of a web copywriter or copywriting agency. But what is it that makes online copy really work and achieve its objectives? Here are just 10 … Read More

4 Habits of Productive Web Copywriters

29th March 2013Web Copywriting

As a deadline-driven occupation becoming a successful web copywriter is about honing habits which make the best use of your time and skills. As an experienced web copywriter I understand that there is a myriad of distractions competing to tempt you away from a particular project at any one time and that it isn’t always … Read More

3 Inspiring Books For Web Copywriters

28th March 2013Web Copywriting

Whether you’re an aspiring web copywriter, a seasoned pro looking to brush up or a business owner keen to learn more about the art of web copywriting, there are a wide range of authoritative sources available on the subject. Of course, with so many to choose from it can be a little overwhelming, so with … Read More

Eat my web traffic dust: 10 things every web copywriter must know

22nd March 2013Web Copywriting

Whether you’re in the business of fashion copywriting or product description writing, here are 10 things every web copywriter must know to get ahead and, importantly, make your competition eat your web traffic dust.   1.  Back to school – The first rule of web copywriting is ensuring everything you write is grammatically correct and … Read More