The importance of real time digital marketing & PR and the proliferation of digital tools and social networks have changed the skills your business needs to succeed with digital marketing. Don’t get us wrong, the traditional marketing skills are not dead – you still need to understand audiences and how to create a campaign.


But with the content needs of today’s businesses and the requirements of media relations skills due to shrinking newsrooms, having more digital marketing & PR skills in your toolbox means being able to confidently tap into areas of the market that you may be missing right now.


1. Copywriting


Social media updates and campaigns are based on engaging writing. E-newsletters, Facebook engagement and campaigns, Google Adwords advertising, PPC ads press releases, commenting, blogging. The list goes on.


Today’s successful online advertising is based, not in ‘creative design’ but in messaging. That’s an important distinction for you to understand. The graphics are important, yes. But it is the quality of the message and craft of creating interesting and memorable copy that is propelling digital advertising and marketing forward.


Just take a look at that list in the first paragraph at the start of this section. The need for content is phenomenal. If your business doesn’t already have a dedicated copywriter on staff, you would be wise to make the investment today, because content – written content – isn’t going anywhere in the text-heavy medium of digital media.


2. Mobile


That’s mobile skills. You need to sort out your understanding and use of mobile technology right away.


This is an area of digital marketing & PR that is just beginning to blossom and if you haven’t already begun to wrap your collective marketing heads around mobile, you’re already behind.


This doesn’t mean being lazy and sticking a QR code on an advert (yawn!). No, this means making mobile a full driver of business. Remember, your customers are using mobile technology. Your digital presence needs to be mobile too.


3. Socialising business


Most social circles don’t tolerate a lot of ‘self selling’ and neither do online social networks. You need to learn how to socialise as a business/brand and not come across as too salesy and false.


This where some solid copywriting skills will come in handy.


Interesting social content that is authentic and genuine is what today’s successful digital brands are creating.


Are you one of them?


4. Analytics


If you’re not able to look at, interpret and utilise the information at your fingertips in today’s analytics packages, then you are surely missing a large portion of the key data you need to run your business.


Do you know how many people came to you site last week and from which campaigns? What words did they use to find you? Are your campaigns converting? What proportion of your clients are using mobile?


You simply must understand how to find and read this data. It’s as important in digital marketing as being able to budget.


5. Content management


Just as everyone in the shop should be able to help customers at the till, everyone in your business should be able to update your content.


This is a key skill that you must have now. You must learn to be comfortable updating your Twitter feed, Facebook page, blog, website, Adwords campaign or uploading a new press release to a PR distribution service.



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