There can be little doubt in the minds of most business owners that investing in their content marketing is a price worth paying. But where exactly is it most commonly spent?

This is a question that has been answered recently by the 2012 Marketing Sherpa Website Optimisation Benchmark Report, and illuminated further by a chart on their website.

When asked what website optimisation tactics they currently used, 64% of marketers at large companies and 67% of those at medium-sized companies responded that they implemented, ‘unique landing pages for various marketing campaigns or brands. For large and medium companies this was by far the most used tactic, closely followed by ‘implementing social media at 54% and 56% respectively.

So what is it that makes landing pages so worth investing in?

Marketing benefits from landing pages

A landing page is a vital way of getting specific with website visitors. Rather than relying on them finding your great offers and deals via your homepage, landing pages enable you to build a connection between a particular element of your site and a particular type of customer. For instance, if you own a website that sells car parts and you want to appeal specifically to those customers who are looking for new wheels, you could create a landing page which introduces them directly to your range and any offers you may have.

Landing pages can work for search engine traffic, PPC ads and email campaigns equally well. They give you more control over what your visitors see, and enable you to more accurately drive them towards conversions. When customers arrive at your site through a landing page tailored towards them and their needs they’re clearly more likely to take the actions you desire (ie placing an order or subscribing etc) than if they’re just left to their own devices on your home page.

Most importantly, landing pages enable you to connect your visitors with content which is relevant to them much quicker, hence giving them a better experience and keeping them on your site for longer.

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