Why content should be a top priority for online travel businesses

Today there is a huge online market for travel services of all kinds, from booking portals and deal finders to primary flight and accommodation providers. According to research by Statistic Brain, 57% of all travel reservations are now made on the internet – more than 148million.

According to a World Travel Market report meanwhile, the online travel sector globally is expected to continue to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% for the next four years. In short, things are looking good for the online travel industry.

But as you’re no doubt aware, there’s also an unprecedented level of competition. Even if you know for a fact that you have the best offering in your field, that is by no means a guarantee of success. So what can you do to push past your competitors and make sure that your deals are getting the attention they deserve? The answer lies in content production.

Are you creating content that really sells your travel offerings?

We live in a world where more people are making their travel arrangements online than are visiting a travel agent in the high street. Traditionally, flesh and blood travel agents gave people all the information they needed about their holiday, from the flight details to where the best beaches are located. Though people would now it seems prefer to book online, their need for information and a little local colour has not changed. High quality content fills that void. It can answer any questions that customers may have, inspire them to make a booking and inform them of any relevant details

In addition to being a valuable tool for encouraging your website visitors to make a booking, web content is of course essential for SEO purposes. In this post – Google Panda and Penguin world though, not all content is created equal. Only high quality original content with some substance behind it will enable you to scale the heights of the search engine rankings. Thin, lacklustre, inaccurate or duplicate content may on the other hand lead to your site vanishing beyond sight.

Types of content you should be creating:

Evocative destination pages – Whether you’re selling flights, accommodation or anything else, well crafted destination pages will help the reader to imagine actually being there and encourage them to make a booking.

Detailed, compelling product pages – These might relate to a hotel, cottage, a tour or a comprehensive package. Either way, your product pages should really sell what you have to offer, whilst also providing all necessary information.

Interesting Blogs – Regular blogs are useful for attracting extra traffic to your website, and will bolster your search engine optimisation efforts.

Bold social content – If people like what you say, they’re likely to take a longer look at what you have to offer.

How can travel firms come up with fresh content on a regular basis?

The problem with this high demand for original online content is that many travel firms are unable to keep up, and so fall behind. Even those that have in-house web copywriters often struggle with the sheer quantity of pages required. Fortunately there is an elegant solution to the problem – enlisting the services of a copywriting agency.

Because copywriting agencies have many web and product copywriters at their disposal, they can handle the large quantities of content that are needed by travel companies on an ongoing daily and weekly basis.

At Big Star Copywriting we have an exceptional team of copywriters with years of experience in writing for travel clients, and we’ve handled major projects for some of the biggest travel brands. As well as producing the content itself, we can also provide you with any help you need planning your overall content strategy.

Get in touch today to find out how we can win you extra customers and put you on an express flight to online success.

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