A very well known European drinks brand approached me a couple of years ago greatly concerned by some internet rumours regarding the composition of its product. Some rather alarming (and unfounded) claims were being made about the use of chemicals in it.

The real problem was that the brand in question had never communicated any information about its product, the drink in question itself and what it was made from. What we needed was product story powerful enough to put pay to the false accusations and reassure consumers that the product experience lived up to the brand image.

The answers presented themselves by taking a close look into the brand architecture at the pillars of premium: the three striding colossus of brand substance.

The first pillar is authenticity. The brand had plenty of this with nearly 150 years of trading history. What was needed was for the copywriters to set to work to streamline the key messages and restructure the heritage into a more readable fashion.

The second pillar, credibility, was structured around the brands long-standing connections with movie stars, building a sense of internationalism. There were plenty of memorable anecdotes, quips and quotes that could be recounted and brought into play.

The third pillar, quality, was where the real detail came in. The drink was made from over 40 natural ingredients. To make it easier to digest we selected 12 and told a small story about each one. This then became a great piece of content about craftsmanship using Mother Nature’s finest ingredients.

Together, these three pillars formed the foundation of a really compelling new product story that didn’t just quash the internet rumours but gave consumers a whole new outlook on a brand they had been consuming for many years.

Written by Graeme Strachan


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