The American event known as Black Friday has come and gone and retailers (and e-tailers) are ready for the rush to Christmas. As a copywriting agency, we’re also gearing up for the December rush, but one of a different sort.

Last year’s snow and road closures have served as a reminder for many of our clients that goods and people can’t always find their way to their offices. They are turning to our copywriting agency to help them through the staff holidays and the whirlwind of business that doesn’t stop over the break between the 25th of December and the New Year.

Here are 3 ways that hiring an outside copywriting agency can help your business get through to next year unscathed.

#1 Communications and copywriting support

In the always-on economy of today, communications, PR, news, adverts, marketing collateral and new product information can’t wait for your in-house staff to come back from a cold or flu.

This is probably the most obvious way that using a copywriting agency can help your business.

Extra hands.

With us, there is always a copywriter around to support your business when staff holidays, illness, office closures and days-after-the-big-office-party interrupt your best-made plans.

#2 Getting ready for the conference season

Although customer-facing businesses (B2C) get the attention at this time of year, the business-to-business (B2B) companies are no slouches either.

In fact, many of our top B2B clients use December as a development month; planning, preparing and creating their online content and marketing collateral for the busy tradeshow and conference period that begins in mid-January.

By engaging the services of a copywriting agency, these businesses ensure their marketing copy is written, reviewed and printed or put live before the break at the end of the month.

#3 Last minute e-commerce product copy

Adding a new product to your line-up is a great way to capitalise on a trend, but just because it’s a busy time of year doesn’t mean you should be tempted to forego quality when it comes to your online e-commerce product descriptions.

Using a copywriting agency ensures that quality, SEO, and conversions are maintained in your product descriptions.

We’re used to writing loads of product descriptions in a short time, often turning some copy blocks around in one business day. That means our clients benefit from our agility as a copywriting agency and from the dedication our copywriters have to high-quality writing.

Bonus! You pay only for the content, not the perks

We always like to go that extra bit further, so here’s our bonus.

Derryck mentioned in the final post of our in-house copywriter vs copywriting agency series that when compared to an in-house copywriter or communications-person’s added payroll, benefits, and lost-time for breaks, using a copywriting agency is more efficient cost-wise for most businesses.

That’s because with us, you only pay for the content produced, not all the other stuff.

Here’s the number to call when you need help during December

01803 865 025

or just email us

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