I should have titled this post ‘copywriting is never done,’ but that didn’t seem as specific. You see, if you write your own content – or even if you hire someone else to write your copy for you – there’s something really really important you need to understand right now.

You should never be ‘finished’ with any web page.

You may have heard the analogy before that ‘digital ink never dries.’ Well, it’s true, and if you want to take advantage (your BEST advantage) of the web, it’s time to start regarding your pages as ‘works in progress’ rather than finishing them and never looking at them again.

Here’s why our jobs as copywriters are never done:

We need to know how pages are performing

Why? Because without feedback, copywriters are working in the dark. In his post, 5 Reasons Copywriters Need to Get Data … Or Get Out of the Business, Adam Singer makes a great case for this.

We copywriters actually do need to understand this stuff if we’re to make any impact at all. It’s a bit science, a bit art, and a bit effort. So, please let us know how things are doing, and let’s work together to tweak the copy so it performs better!

We need to know things are changing

As a species, we like change (it shows progress). Your business changes. Your feelings about it change. Your customers’ attitudes change. Why hasn’t your homepage changed in the last 27 months?

We copywriters work really well when we get to keep revisiting a page and making it better and better over time, as your business changes.

Updated pages keep you sounding like you’re still trading. That’s a good thing.

We wish we could re-write that paragraph

It’s true. We can be little perfectionists at times. If you ask any copywriter how they feel about a particular piece of copy they’ve written, I guarantee you they could tell you how they’d improve it.

We learn new things all the time (hopefully) and each new lesson informs our writing. We learn new ways of getting better results, we find new ways of saying the same old same old, we pick up new slang. We just ran out of time the first time around.

If your webpages are older than a couple months, it’s probably time to look them over again. It’s time to let your copywriter back in there. If you write your own web content, then don’t be shy – get in there and re-write away.

Don’t be done.

Steve Kellas is a freelance copywriter and teaches web copywriting to businesses across the UK.

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