Up to now in the website copywriting dissected series, we have mainly been talking about the anatomy of copywriting home pages. We have talked about satisfying user goals, and if you have done your copywriting homework, you’ll have told your site visitors about your products and services, maybe you even said a bit about your business as an introduction.

But copywriting is normally about ‘them.’ Now you get to talk all about you.

This is your story, so make the most of it.

Why About Us works

You still need to consider your users (readers) when copywriting any web page – even an About Us page. After all, they are the people you would like to tell your story to. Even the name ‘About Us’ positions your content for your reader.

When it comes to copywriting services, the About Us section is a great SEO opportunity. These sections not only contain a lot of good keyword information about your brand, but also your company, recruitment, and history.

Copywriting an About Us page

We begin as we always do by figuring out our page’s goals. Yes, you need them here too. Only, they’re a bit different. Instead of directing users to a goal such as signing up for your product or servce (although this is perfectly acceptable too), ask yourself this: what do you want your reader to take away from your story? For example, do want them feel convinced you’re the right fit for doing business? Do you want them to be satisfied that you have the longevity and experience to do a great job?

Understanding your goals gives your copywriting direction – much better than a direction-less About Us! Next, you follow the construction we have covered for home pages: heading, subheadings, links, body copy – it’s all here again, except this time it’s all about you.

Other About pages

One mistake I have seen companies make is to put everything about themselves on one page. This can make your content too long depending on the size, history and complexity of your organisation. Instead, you might consider writing your About Us page as an introduction to further types of information.

Consider these kinds of pages for an About section (we’ll cover each of these in up-coming posts):

  • Our story
  • History page
  • Team/people pages

Remember who you are copywriting each page for, and what you want them to take away after finishing the page. Follow the pattern we are using for the Home and About Us pages, and you’re on your way to telling your story.

Coming next in the series: About Us Part 2 – Our story pages

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