In web copywriting dissected, we’ve focussed recently on your business and what it’s all about. Today, I’d like to talk about other kinds of information that often gets lumped in with the ‘About’ section, but which aren’t really about your business at all – these are the other people who make up your business.

I believe they deserve their own pages.

Our people aren’t the business

In copywriting your About Us pages, you have focussed on telling the story of your business, what it stands for, and what it has done. This information provides your prospective customers and clients with reassurance that you care about something, and that your values are aligned with theirs.

You need to talk about your people too. They are part of the business and contribute to your success.

But they are not the whole business.

For service providers, a Team or Our People page is essential, and needs its own dedicated section. For other types of organisations, this page may fit under the About section as a stand-alone page. We’ll talk more about services copywriting and Team pages in the next few posts in the series.

Investors have feelings too

If you have investors, you probably realise that they have some commonalities as an audience. They want info quickly and in detail. They don’t want to hunt around too much.

I strongly believe that you must not bury your investors in an About section. They need a section of their own that is easily accessible from the main navigation. The level of detail for these sections warrants their own area of the site.

What about everyone else?

Depending on the nature of your business, you may also need to cater to these other audience segments: media, affiliates, advertisers, researchers. Do they all get their own pages too?

You bet they do!

If your business is large enough to warrant media attention, give the media a page. Affiliates can help grow your revenue, give them a section. Advertisers may want to buy some of your precious online space and need to know how they can do so – give them a page.

In copywriting, your audience is always your main concern, and offering different content to satisfy different needs and different audiences is what it’s all ‘about.’

Coming next in the series: Team pages Part 1 – Who’s who?

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