We’ve been busy little elves, and as it’s December, we thought we’d provide you with a round-up of some copywriting and content stories that have caught our eyes recently.

The underlying theme here is that producing content that interests your audience matters and it is key to your success online now and in the coming year.

1. Pinners Purchase Aplenty This Cyber Monday: Pinterest Revenue Triples

At first blush, this story is interesting but not overtly about content. Or is it?

Pinterest is all about relevant content and it is the behaviour of the audience that I find fascinating. In the study quoted in this post, purchasing behaviour of pinners (i.e. people who pin stuff on Pinterest) was very high indeed.

What does this tell us? For a start, it says that (hold your hats) visual content is appealing and it helps to sell online.

I know, it’s startling coming from a copy guy. But good content is good content, whether it’s visual or written.

The key takeaway: produce content that is relevant for the audience, network and goal.

2. Push notifications improve retention rates

Does your business have an app?

What about email marketing?

Users of apps with push notifications are retained at twice the rate of other users, and more engaged (26% more).

Although this study was looking at the retention of app users, I think it speaks volumes about how we interact with brands online.

Email marketing has long been identified as one of the most (if not THE most) efficient ways of interacting with customers. With the right message, targeted to the right people, you have a ready-made audience that will be engaged with your brand and message.

Now, with apps, we can see the same type of retention behaviour.

The key takeaway: think about using automated (push) notifications to keep your audience engaged: from your email list, ecommerce website or mobile app.

3. 10 things to avoid using in your email subject lines

I love reading these kinds of posts from Econsultancy because they always back up their claims with stats.

There are many great tips in this post, but the one I’m personally happy to see is the first one on the use of personalisation. I have argued that putting a person’s name in the subject line looks spammy, and it seems as though Stanesby has the data to back that up.

The key takeaway: Taken as a whole, the message from this post is to write authentic content that is not overtly ‘selly sell sell’ and is interesting and targeted at your audience.

4. Web Psychology – Whiteboard Friday

Okay, this one from bright sparks at SEOmoz is a little older than the others (from November, for shame! 🙂 but, it’s important. In fact, if you check out any of these in its entirety, make it this one.

There’s a video to watch – that makes it easy to digest. And there’s a transcript too, in case you like to read along.

The key takeaway: if you want online success, you need to communicate with persuasion, and online that means making people feel like they are connected with you.

Seriously, go to the post now.

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