Copywriting a service sales page is a lot like copywriting a product sales page.

You need to focus on your target audience and what it is they need; what their pain is. That’s why you offer a service in the first place. you solve the problems and pains of your clients and do something for them that they cannot do or do not want to do themselves.

Just like a product sales page, you need to tell your story, relate to the audience, outline the benefits and give testimonials and proof that your service is worth it.

Only more.

Selling a service isn’t easy

Often, as a copywriter, you can’t rely on snappy pictures of a service to support your writing. There are likely no ‘demos’ of a service and almost every job will be different, so there’s no way to really summarise all that your service offers.

Instead, your copywriting should focus on telling even MORE stories to engage the reader and connect them emotionally to the solutions you’re highlighting and offering.

You really need to give your audience a lot more in every aspect of your writing, answering all the usual 5 Ws of good copywriting (Who, What, Where, When, and most importantly Why).

Why is this? Why do we need to go to so much more effort when selling a service?

Your customer will have to have a relationship with you

In most respects, offering a service to a customer involves forming a relationship. And all relationships are built on trust.

This is why copywriting services pages must engage the emotions of your target audience and begin the process of building trust – and building your relationship – even before the actual sale occurs.

And just like in teenage dating, the opinions of other people matter.

A lot.

This is where the testimonial comes into its own as a copywriting device on your service sales page.

What kinds of stories work well?

Find ways to tell the stories of your customers; of how you helped them overcome the kinds of issues you know your target audience can relate to. Tell stories of how you work with your customers, how it benefits them, and how it benefits the work you do together.

Use copywriting to tell stories about your history and how you came to offer the service.

Remember, we like our stories to include tales of triumph over adversity. We enjoy relating in ways that make our own issues seem less complicated.

Above all, we like stories that give us hope.

Give your reader hope that you can help them, and you will have a customer.

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