by Steve Kellas

Have you ever thought about putting a little fun into your copy? Does your current copwriting engage in a way that a game does? Does your copy make people laugh, or smile? Do your customers actually enjoy what they read?

As a copywriter, I often see “fun” in briefs as a word that the business thinks should represent the brand. But only very very rarely do those same businesses actually embrace fun in their copywriting (and approve it).

Why we don’t like fun

Most websites just go for functional copywriting. You know the type of copy I’m talking about. It’s the kind that says “this thing does this. If you want to know more about other things, go here.”

It tells you something, but it isn’t really interesting, or fun.

It’s safe.

Safe copywriting isn’t effective because it doesn’t challenge perceptions. It doesn’t support or engage. It doesn’t cause the reader to relate or to hate. It just says safe things, in a safe way, in the vague hope that….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh sorry, I nodded off writing about it!

How to be more fun

Let’s say your brand is a “fun” sort of brand, and you’d like your copywriting to be more…well, fun. What do you do?

For a start, you could write more like how you speak. Spoken (conversational) language is more engaging, often more fun to read (because it’s broken by interjections and asides) and follows a pattern of changing rhythms that keeps attention.

Try different constructions. Like short sentences.

And, there’s no reason not to begin a sentence with a conjunction. Seriously. You speak this way. Write this way too.

Smile when you’re writing your web copy. 🙂 Just like sales training, when you learn to smile while speaking on the phone. If you smile while you write, it will be projected into your text. Just one little tip though: trying to be ‘funny’ will not end well. Just be happy and have fun with your writing – skip the jokes.

Be a fun copywriter

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Fun people are fun to be around because they’re not always serious and solemn. They frisk. They frolic. They laugh. They smile.

Fun people have fun too. If your brand wants to fun, let it have fun with people. Try a pun or creative way to express yourself. Want an example of this working and succeeding? Take a look at

Now go have some fun.

Steve Kellas is a freelance copywriter and teaches web copywriting to businesses across the UK.

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