As any good copywriter knows, the most positive influence on Page Ranking, search engine placements and the overall profile of your website has to be the quality of inbound links. Google say, ‘In general, web masters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.’

To Google and the other major search engines links act as votes, endorsements, reflections on the quality and the integrity of the copywriter and their site. The more influential a site dishing out the link, the more seriously Google takes the recipient and the better the rewards in terms of search engine positioning.

People weave spells around how best to build the amount and the quality of your inbound links. They portray link building as a dark art, with wizards invoking spells and incantations to attract all-powerful links. As a copywriter who’s spent any time researching link building you will have quickly identified what a complicated and confusing business it can be with all manner of services to choose from including link exchanges, link buying, link baiting, article submissions, press release submission, directory submission and reciprocal links.

Take care. It is far more effective attracting fewer high quality links that lots of links from websites with little or questionable credentials. Google hates sites that try to cheat their way to the top of the pile. In their quest for optimal search results and search integrity they have decided that bought links are a no no – a form of cheating. Bought links undermine their concepts of fair play and if you are caught, then prepare for time out in the search engine wilderness as they may de-index you.

By far the safest and most profitable way to attract high quality links is to base your link building campaign on regularly updated, high quality content on and off your site. That means well written blog posts, micro blogs, articles and press releases. In fact, anything that can help establish your site as a useful resource, home to intelligent comment and debate, analysis and advice is useful as link bait. Establish a destination of worth and watch the high quality links flow in naturally.

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