Well – maybe not everyone, because my Aunt Sylvie has precious little use for a web copywriter, and neither does Danny Bizarre who lives in a car on Market Street.  But the absolute business truth is that in this age of crunching credit, rationalisation, busting and downturning anything that’s going to give your company and your company’s products and services a break over those of your competitors has got to be a good thing. In fact – not just a ‘good thing’ – let’s get this right. Anything – absolutely anything at all that can offer your organisation a competitive edge over your competition in now essential.

A good SEO copywriter who knows what they’re doing can be worth their weight in gold.

There are 5 reasons why using a good web copywriter NOW should be an essential consideration.

1. Get your website at the top of Google searches.

If you want an online presence that really delivers then your website will need to be visible. Strong web copy written by a professional web copywriter can help you get to the top of Google searches.

2.Retain visitors and lead them to your call to action.

It’s all well and good having site visits but if the visitors bounce (leave your site) virtually immediately, it’s all pretty pointless. The Internet is awash with poorly written, un-navigable websites that struggle to generate proper returns. Make sure yours shine and turn good copy into profits. A good web copywriter can make your site ‘sticky’.

3. Use a web copywriter to expand your online marketing.

A good SEO copywriter can help develop blogs, articles and press releases as a means of generating profile, visitors and profits. Cost effective and measurable marketing.

4. Get ahead of your competitors.

You can rest assured that the competition is already looking closely at the marketing advantages in employing a web copywriter. Don’t let them get too much of a head start.

5. Good copywriters don’t grow on trees.

Make your move before someone else gets there first. Secure the services of a proven web copywriter to deliver the results you need at a price that makes sense.

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