The internet is awash with content, but how much of it is of a high calibre? If you can use this advice from a property copywriter to create content that shines then you can stand out online amongst your competitors.

Here are four potent ways to make your content sparkle.

Talk in Benefits

Whether you’re talking about your services or you’re describing a property for sale, you should tell your audience about benefits rather than features. People react to benefits because they can imagine the effect they would have on their lives. Features on the other hand are less emotive and don’t connect with the reader’s personal life in the same way. A good property copywriter will always forefront the benefits.

Break it up and keep it concise

You may have a lot to say, but that doesn’t mean your reader has the time or the inclination to read it all. If you can eliminate waffle and get across what you have to say in as small a page space as possible, you can give your message power and ensure that you’ve got the audience’s attention. If you really do have lots to say then make sure you break up the text well with subheaders and bullet points.

Use meaningful adjectives

Adjectives are a property copywriter’s friend (though it’s important not to overegg the pudding). The adjectives you use to describe a property will help to create an overall picture of it in the prospect’s mind, but only if they actually mean something. Words like ‘Spacious’, ‘traditional’, ‘warm’ communicate something specific about the property, while words like ‘amazing’, ‘divine’ and ‘wonderful’ are a little too abstract.

Utilise the pyramid principle

When people read your content they may not read all the way to the bottom, that’s why a good property copywriter will put the most important things first and gradually work through in ascending order of importance.

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