A few weeks ago I wrote about why the relationship with your copywriter just got a lot more valuable. Blekko forced Google’s hand, and this past week Google answered by announcing a major change to their search algorithm.

What does this mean for you?

Well, for a start, it means that you’ll begin to see a difference in your search results on Google.

This change reduces the ranking of low-quality sites. Low-quality meaning sites that offer a lot of content that has little or no value to readers. It penalises sites that don’t put any effort into the quality of their information.

This change is important because your potential (and current) customers want quality copywriting and quality content.

And Google wants to deliver the quality to its customers. Thus the change.

How do you get quality copy on your website?

Like so many things in business, you either spend a lot of time crafting it yourself, or you hire a really good copywriter to do it for you.

And, like Daniel Scocco said this week on his blog Daily Blog Tips, when it comes to ranking well with SEO copywriting, you need to be consistent in putting good quality content out there. Week after week.

Is that all there is to this change?


And no.

You still need to promote yourself. You still need to have a viable product. In short, you still need to run a good business and do all the things you need to do to make it succeed.

The algorithms always change – usually in favour of good businesses putting out good content on a regular basis. This latest move by Google and the other search engines means that the only ones who lose are the ones who took shortcuts in the first place

The losers here are the ones who tried to game the system and de-value all the good information that’s available out there with low-value, high-volume content.

The tables have turned again in favour of good copywriting (for now) and hopefully, you’ll see better results because of it.

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