You were a copywriting machine. Even though you had lots of other work in your marketing department, you figured that surely you’d be able to pull together the copy regularly. Your newsletter, or blog, or Twitter feed started out with gusto. You had your 3 articles to publish each month in your newsletter, you posted twice a week on your blog, you Tweeted like @chrisbrogan. Heck, you even had a calendar to follow.

And then it happened. You went silent.

It was small at first. You felt a little twinge of anxiety opening Twitter. You had nothing to say. No biggie, you skipped your Tweets for the day and went back to business.

Then a week went by and you’ve been too busy to blog. No worries. You’ll blog next week.

After 3 or 4 months of newsletters going out regularly, you suddenly ran out of content to email to your list. You felt like you were repeating yourself.

You need professional help

I have seen this happen time and again to busy marketers who felt they could keep up. And you can, for a while. But, eventually something else takes your attention away. You start to fall behind. Then, before you know it, your company is virtually silent online, and you’re out of the market against your more prolific competitors.

This is where the professional writer – the copywriter – can really be your best asset. Here are 5 reasons you need one:

  1. Your copy will be professionally written: Sorry, but if you’re not a copywriter, you’re not going to do a great job. You just don’t have a way with words like a pro does. It’s nothing personal. I’m not good at sculpture and mechanical things. So I pay someone else to be good at those things for me.
  2. Costs less than doing nothing at all: Your marketing works really hard, so why let it suffer by going silent after all that work? Or worse, losing customers because they stop receiving things when they expect them (newsletters, blog posts) and figure you’ve shut down?
  3. When you get busy, they keep writing: This might be obvious, but if you’re paying someone to do a service for you, they keep doing it until you stop paying. So, even if you go on holiday to Mallorca, your newsletter content will be written, your blogs will go up, and your customers will still get what they have come to expect – good content from your business on a regular basis.
  4. You don’t have to come up with all the ideas: Even though we copywriters do occasionally get ‘writer’s block’, we know what to do to get out of it. You probably haven’t had the experience too many times, so it’s harder to get un-stuck. We can help you in the ideas department. In fact, many of us thrive on coming up with ideas.
  5. Scalable content: you don’t have worry about succeeding. There. I said it. If your blog becomes popular, and you find that you should be publishing more frequently, then having someone who can ramp up with it is a great asset. After all, you are already really busy doing your marketing job.

Are you struggling to keep up?

Maybe it’s time you allocated a small portion of your budget and delegate the task of copywriting to a pro.

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