The literary world is a strange one, terraced by varying degrees of acceptability whereon published authors look down with disdain upon mere journalists, and journalists return the compliment by looking down upon the lowest of the low – the web copywriter.

Writing commercial copy is often seen as ‘bread and butter’ work – enough to pay the mortgage until the book deal comes through. In reality the web copywriter and the perhaps more lauded SEO copywriter are the chameleons of the literary world, able to turn their words to any use. And they do it all in front of an international audience with the attention span of a goldfish.

Can your web copywriter speak “interesting”?

Good web content has to engage the reader within a tiny window of opportunity – a mere matter of seconds before the reader ‘bounces’ from the page. The web copywriter has to speak a specific language fluently and eloquently – they have to be able to speak ‘Interesting’.

‘Interesting’ is a difficult language to master and few manage it. The vast majority of pages on the Internet are dull beyond comparison; littered with typos, grammatical errors and erroneous translations. But put these trifling annoyances aside and you get down to the really essential ingredient of ‘Interesting’ – the content itself.

Your audience want more than dull SEO copywriting

Many writers underestimate the intelligence of their audience. The Internet populous is an intelligent, articulate beast that craves information, entertainment and even the occasional glimpse of enlightenment (there’s plenty of sites out there).

It’s not just a matter of ‘hard sell’ when it comes to writing web content. You have to give people a reason to choose your client’s site above all the other thousands of competitors, all vying for the attention of the reader. A good SEO copywriter will speak fluent ‘Interesting’ and be able to capture the attention of a fickle audience and reel them into the depths of the site, where the hard sell lurks, waiting, interminably waiting…

Suddenly, those good web copywriters seem like quite talented people, don’t they?

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