Simple: You employ a web copywriter because your website needs to be at the top of the Google tree. A good web copywriter can prove an invaluable resource in helping you get there.

It’s as straightforward as that. If you’re not prominent on Google, you’re nowhere, and what’s worse is that you can bet your bottom Euro that your competitors are luxuriating on the front page, scooping up the traffic and probably converting lots of customers who might otherwise have come to you in the process. That’s the last thing anyone needs in these hyper-competitive times.

Languishing in the bottom reaches of page 2, 3 or worse gets you nowhere slowly. 82% of search engine users never venture beyond the first 3 pages of search results. And all the while your competition is lapping it up, winning business that should be yours.All for the sake of a decent SEO copywriter.

Think presence and hire a proven, professional web copywriter as part of your online marketing efforts. These are some of the benefits a good professional web copywriter can offer for your business.

Relevance and authority

A professional web copywriter will know how to make your site relevant. It’s not up to the search engines to help you achieve higher page rankings. It’s the job of the site owner to invite higher page rankings by publishing appropriate copy and text content.

The search engines are seeking the foremost authority on a given subject.They want the most reputable sites and those that know the most on a particular topic. Relevance is nurtured by a web copywriter and rewarded with high search engine placements by Google.

Inbound links

Links from authoritative sites are inspired by the copy on your site, your articles, press releases and blogs. Great copy inspires inbound links. Quality inbound links bestow relevance.


Considered and well-deployed written content is the currency of the web copywriter. UK companies especially can’t afford cheap, poorly written presentation that might damage their message, reputation and bottom line. By the same token a great web copywriter can help improve a company’s profits.

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