Whether you write the copy yourself or employ the services of a web copywriter there’s a fantastic piece of wisdom that could help you improve your web presence: if you want to be useful, sought after, command authority, to scale the heights of the search engines, then don’t be shy, share your tricks, offer tips, advice, and knowledge, share your experience to build a readership, to create a following, to evolve your internet presence as a resource.

Be proud. Show the world that you’re a web copywriter who knows what they’re talking about, and that you have the confidence that comes with being a leader in your field.

Be as original as you can

Even if you’re not a world authority it’s likely you can find plenty to say about the market place you’re in, the latest innovations, how you apply technology, your methods and means of success. Dare to be controversial, informative, and knowledgeable. Allow yourself to talk in a language your audience can relate to, in a tone they can empathise with. Fear not the cynics, those frightened of ‘giving the shop away’, or letting hard won ‘cats out of bags’.

These days, people want more. They want it now and they want to know where to get it from. Make sure that it’s your organisation and your website that they turn to first.

Never waste people’s time

One of the worst things you can do in the eyes of your customers is to waste their time, How can anyone take you seriously if all you do is get them clicking round your website looking for meaningful information that either isn’t there or else is concealed by irrelevance?

And the worst thing a web copywriter can do to their readers?

The very worst thing you can do is to promise them some form of secret or ‘inside information’ and then not deliver it at all. That’s a waste of time AND it shows a lack of respect.  Promising to reveal information in an ad increases readership. Delivering content of value takes you an important stage nearer the business objective (be it a sale or even if it’s simply a brand building exercise).

That’s why using a professional copywriter can help you win the respect and admiration of your audience with copy that delivers both information and value. Copy that wins business.

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