Copywriting for websites, brochures or marketing should be as simple as possible. Simple copy is readable copy. Any professional copywriter knows that readable copy is effective copy.

When messages are easily understood they become highly persuasive.

Sharing a message clearly isn’t as easy as some might imagine. Many factors combine to make a piece of writing easy or hard to read.

5 top copywriting readability tips

Copy, can contain too much, punctuation. Perhaps; inappropriate punctuation stops. Your copy from flowing naturally and being easy, to read!!!

By the same token long sentences without any useful punctuation as opposed to too much punctuation as mentioned above can make it really difficult to clearly understand what’s going or what point is trying to be made.

Acronyms and abbreviations are exclusive – in that they exclude people.

Short words are more powerful that extensively elongated words. Business marketing is full of synergies, solutions and transparencies that turn readers off.

Use the active voice, don’t use the voice actively. Write with authority and save on the word-count in the process.

How readable is your copywriting?

Click here for a tool that will measure the

  • Gunning Fog Index – Gives the number of years education needed to understand the text.
  • Flesch Reading Easy Score – Indicates how difficult the text is to read, where 100 is the easiest.
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Score – Gives the number of years education needed to understand the text

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