Selling to an audience is not easy and copywriting that speaks to the audience directly is even more challenging. As a copywriter, you have to put in quality work, pour out creativity and dig deep into your imagination. Becoming well acquainted with copywriting fundamentals like tone of voice and structure is also important but sometimes it can still be hard to hold audience attention. Here are a few pointers that can help you out.

1. Deft communication
Essentially this means that the style and content of your writing should gel with the brand. So, the tone can be serious, educative or entertaining depending on whom you’re writing for. In line with the tone, the language can be formal or easy going. Keep the audience in mind and tweak your copy depending on the type of people you are addressing. Most importantly, get the message across to the audience accurately without being a bore. Stick to the subject and cut out all the fluff.
2. Converse with your readers, don’t talk at them
Avoid sounding like you’re selling something. Your tone should be conversational throughout, as if you are talking to an old friend or advising someone. Write like you are really facing an audience and speaking to them directly. The human brain finds it easier to engage with conversational writing. So, if you want to get your readers glued, the language should have a smooth flow. Write in an active voice that oozes enthusiasm and energy.
3. Entertain!
You have to grab the attention of your reader and get them hooked whether your theme is catchy, fun loving or somber in character. Nothing attracts the attention of readers like wit and humor. Writers with a comic streak are very often the most successful. Also, try to use catchy and vivid graphics. Telling stories and narrating testimonials are good ways to get through to your audience.
4. Make a diary
Not all ideas will come to you when you are sitting on your desk so it’s a good idea to maintain a dairy or online journal. You should be prepared to tackle a block when it comes your way. Sometime ideas float out of nowhere, even when you are not actually writing a copy. Good copywriters know the advantage of jotting down thoughts as they occur.
5. Keep track of competitors
Sometimes, other people’s work can provide inspiration. Skim through newspapers, magazines, websites and books to keep tabs on all the latest releases that have caught the fancy of audiences. Find out what other firms in your line of work are churning out. Check out what people are talking about on Twitter. This can be a great way to challenge your creativity.
Creating winning copy means creating the right mix of ingredients. It should talk from the point of view of the user and should never be a drag to read. Always remember that your copywriting skills are the remote control of the audience you are targeting. Don’t let them hit the ‘off’ button.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech lover. She is always on a look out for tech stuff and recently bought a pair of cool Nikon binoculars

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