At last night’s Brit Awards, the big story was all Adele’s. After launching her current hit album, the singer had a set-back, needing surgery to her vocal chords. After 8 Grammy Awards and 2 Brits, she is now an official global success. To a copywriter, the lessons in her story are there for the taking, if you can spot them.

Be authentic

There is no doubt that part of the appeal of Adele is her authenticity. She is true to herself in her music, in her (powerful) delivery of the songs and in her appearance. No thin waif presenting herself as a sex object, Adele is who she is and all more loveable for it.

Authenticity is a powerful tool for the copywriter. Writing in a way that appears genuine and that doesn’t hide the truth is what sets great copy apart from the mediocre. This is where establishing the right tone of voice for the brand is essential. By creating a voice that is authentic, you are creating something that your client’s customers will relate to. When they relate to the brand, they are more likely to convert. And that means more business for you.

Tell a great story

We all want a hero to triumph over her set-backs. I’m certain that Adele would sell a lot of albums anyway (currently one every two seconds across the globe), but her openness about her vocal surgery created another powerful theme in her story that hasn’t dampened sales. In fact, I’d bet it is propelling sales.

It’s this honesty and a bit of the ‘under dog’ meme that allows people to so easily relate to Adele. Her set-back makes her success story so much more compelling.

Telling a great story for the product or service is the job of a copywriter, and to do so, you need to find a thread that is believable. That means talking about when things didn’t go right, when the product wasn’t perfect. People relate to (and believe) the honesty of overcoming obstacles. It’s just good storytelling.

Hype is transparent, but strife and subsequent success is persuasive.

Deliver with power

There is no denying the power of the 23-year-old Adele’s voice. The lyrics she delivers would sound hollow in a lesser singer. Even when she spoke to the Brit Awards to accept her award, her speech is powerful and full. Emotional, yes, but never wavering.

Copywriters should pay attention to this quality of delivery. When writing calls-to-action, we must write with conviction and be powerful in our direction to readers.

I don’t mean to beat them over the head, but to clearly and powerfully call the reader to action. This goes for buttons as much as links.

Tell the reader what to do. With conviction.

It’s the difference between a form button that reads ‘submit’ and one that reads ‘get your free ebook’.

Probably the biggest lesson that Adele can offer any copywriter is to believe in yourself and never give up.

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