1. Be prepared to be outrageous.

Copywriting can often make counter-intuitive claims in headlines. This really grabs people’s attention and provokes their curiosity. Fly in the face of common sense, consensus and perceived wisdom. You can spend an entire article disproving or arguing against a claim that in reality struggles to hold water.

Someone copywriting in the UK might write – ‘Why Beckham should never start for England again’

A blog copywriter could use – ‘Why blogging makes you more likely to get a date’

2. Create a problem and then offer a solution

Identify the problem and qualify your audience. Agitate the reader’s pain then offer your solution as the answer to make it all OK. You’re generating empathy here. You understand their problems and you have the power to resolve them. Powerful stuff.

3. Creative visualisation

‘And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile….’

Offering your readers genuinely plausible glimpses into the future wins hearts and minds like nothing else.

A good web copywriter will engender trust that gives them credibility and allows them to powerfully project.

Picture your boyfriend’s happiness when you… Just imagine the smile on your wife’s face after she… Can you see the excitement in your children’s eyes?

4. Join us!

This writing skill is the opposite to the famous, “please accept my resignation. I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member,” quote by Groucho Marx.

People love exclusivity, to feel that they are ‘in’ on something. Offer someone the chance to be part of a happening thing and they’ll probably jump at the chance.

A good web copywriter will establish out what group/club/scene people would like to be in then make sure they receive an exclusive invitation to join while seemingly excluding others. Acknowledging people’s natural vanity can yield impressive returns.

The ‘us or them’ mentality is even adopted by sports psychologists and extended by football managers (think Ferguson) into ‘siege mentality’. It’s a powerful form of separation and exclusivity.

5. Address Objections

There is a reason why sales letters are long – they need to address objections -it’s not that marketers want you to read it all, they just want you to read enough until you’ve been ‘tipped’, and buy.

If by the time your pitch has been made and someone is still left thinking “yeah, but…” you are in trouble. The moment and the deal are lost.

Use a freelance copywriter who is prepared to research or is intimate with the subject area to help you stay ahead of the game and head objections off  ‘at the pass’. Forewarned is forearmed.

6. Combine copywriting and storytelling

Persuasive and effective copywriting can weave your message and copywriting techniques into a compelling story.

Stories allow people to persuade themselves. You are not selling or doing the convincing. The story is doing the work, helping your audience independently decide that you are right.

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