You don’t need to be a copywriting expert to know that some words really are worth avoiding. Everyone has their pet hates. A copywriter friend  is made almost physically sick by the word ‘meal’, another comes out in a rash at even the thought of the word ‘serendipity’. On hearing the phrase ‘no brainer’ you can see many grown copywriters weaken at the knees and clutch the nearest mantelpiece, index finger firmly gripped between the teeth. And as for ‘low hanging fruit’…

Take a deep breath and count to ten.

Now whilst most of us probably aren’t affected quite as dramatically it might be worth reflecting on the fact that really not all words are equal at all times.  For your own peace of mind and continued professional development there certainly are words and phrases best avoided for fear of provoking/upsetting/disappointing your readers. As all copywriters realise, language sits on shifting sands so what might apply today probably won’t last.

Three words to avoid in copywriting…

Traction – Do me a favour and just stop using this.

Solutions – Most of the time, this word is bandied around without an actual solution in sight.  Stop.

Leverage – Sound like ever pseudo academic sales grind you ever had the misfortune of YouTubing across, especially a Brit giving it the American pronunciation.

…And one that never gets old

Passion – Sure it’s over used – You can hardly move online for passion but really…. thinking about it, blogs criticising the overuse of the word passion are starting to be more annoying than the word itself. In fact, it’s got to the stage where passion is starting to be bullied. No, strike that one off. I feel sorry for passion now. In fact …passion for some strange reason is making me think of penguins and penguins as we all know should be protected. Let’s protect passion, too.

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