In the modern digital world, online marketing such as food copywriting can connect with customers just around the corner, or it can touch those on the other side of the globe. One unwitting Brighton restaurant proprietor recently found out the benefits of this, as was revealed by the BBC.

When Robert Savvides, the proprietor of Brighton’s Regency seafood restaurant, noticed a steady influx of Chinese tourists flocking to his restaurant he was of course thrilled, but also more than a little bemused. After doing a little investigating, he tells the BBC, he found that they had found his restaurant online when searching for things like ‘best restaurant in Brighton’ before they left home.

It emerged that a famous Chinese chef had once visited the restaurant and written a glowing review of his experience on his blog. This, and undoubtedly a variety of other search engine ranking factors, led to his restaurant appearing at the very top of Google.

Take the luck factor out of getting discovered

This story illustrates the power and global reach of the internet, but such chance occurrences are rare, and you certainly shouldn’t wait around for some renowned chef to endorse your restaurant. If you want to take the luck factor out of being a hit, then a food copywriter can help you to reach out and find new customers.

Use your food copywriter well

A food copywriter can create a variety of content for you that can be positioned both on your own website and elsewhere in the internet. This can help your site to climb up the search engine rankings, but it can also connect with people and give them an appetite for your food.

If your restaurant is based in a global tourist destination, then you might even consider having your content translated into other languages. If your clientele are on the other hand more local, a food copywriter can help you target these effectively.

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