In a previous post we identified some of the reasons firms are turning to legal copywriters to help them with their online marketing. The main reason is that it takes time – time that most firms don’t have.

The need for quality, informative and ‘on brand’ content is not going away. The reality is that the winners online are the ones who can create a consistent stream of the best content most frequently.

In short, you need to promote yourself through content and a legal copywriter is a content resource for the firm. His or her help can win online success for your firm in many ways, but here are the big three:


1. Communicate your values

Potential clients are looking for something particular when they arrive at your website. How you communicate your firm’s values is crucially important to how online prospects view your offer – and whether or not they choose to become your client!

If you are looking to attract lots of bargain hunters, then you will need to convey a certain style and content of message; a style that says ‘you can afford us.’

If you are looking to attract prospects seeking a more approachable, personalised experience, your message will need to feel personable and welcoming.

A legal copywriter is trained in the subtle art of persuasion and communicating the attributes and values of a brand with a tone (or style) of writing that really connects with the appropriate target audience.

This is something that needs to be developed early and used consistently over time.

2. Great content (and lots of it)

Do we need to say it again? One well-written web page doesn’t cut it any longer.

You need more content.

Heaps more content.

A legal copywriter can help you decide what forms of content your audience would benefit from and (of course) write the content those people would like to read.

The list of content possibilities is lengthy, but commonly includes some or all of the following:

  • Daily or weekly blog posts: these can tackle issues that are of highest concern to your prospects, including the latest news on changes to areas of the law.
  • Legal guides: practical and extremely popular content that conveys both your values and your approach; guides to high-level topics are a great way to add value to your client relationship and win over new prospects, both online and from your reception area.
  • Firm newsletters: this is a perfect way to keep in touch with your existing client base and to ‘remind’ them of your other service areas; newsletters are the place to update clients with news about the firm, invite them to open days and to reaffirm your brand values.
  • Legal articles: publishing online legal articles on relevant websites, blogs and other sites is still one of the best ways of reaching out to your target markets; this has added benefit for SEO purposes because high-quality content gives your highly relevant backlinks to your website.


3. Consistency

While there are some online copywriting tasks that can bring about quick results, including ensuring you are using the right keywords in the right places, content marketing for legal firms is a long-term strategy.

And key to success with this strategy is consistency.

Having a legal copywriter means that you always get a consistent tone of voice with a consistent message across a consistent set of communications.

This is the one area that search engines like Google are looking for (and rewarding) – you must have a consistent approach and high-quality content to do well in the search results.


The bonus: focus on your clients

Besides the content you are getting and the time you and your support team will save using a legal copywriter, you will get one really big bonus from all this…A focus on the key to your own business – your clients.

Content marketing gives them information that will help them in their own lives and using a legal copywriter frees you to focus all your efforts on doing your best to help them.

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