Are you copywriting for people or machines?

15th July 2009Copywriting, SEO Copywriting

There’s a misinformed debate amongst the copywriting world over whether website copywriting should be written specifically for a target audience (human readers) or for the search engine spiders. People ask whether readability should be sacrificed at the expense of optimised copyas though the two were mutually exclusive. They’re not. Copywriting doesn’t have to be either/or Any decent … Read More

Killer copywriting advice

15th July 2009Web Copywriting

Successful copywriting requires a copywriter who can suppress their inner poet and their creativity in the name of delivering a professional product. Sounds counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Surely copywriting is all about creativity and ‘art’? Isn’t that the whole basis of writing… to compose, to create to amuse and astound? Well… no. Once you start impressing your … Read More

How readable is your copywriting?

13th July 2009Copywriting

Copywriting for websites, brochures or marketing should be as simple as possible. Simple copy is readable copy. Any professional copywriter knows that readable copy is effective copy. When messages are easily understood they become highly persuasive. Sharing a message clearly isn’t as easy as some might imagine. Many factors combine to make a piece of writing … Read More

Six copywriting skills that really work

15th April 2009Copywriting

1. Be prepared to be outrageous. Copywriting can often make counter-intuitive claims in headlines. This really grabs people’s attention and provokes their curiosity. Fly in the face of common sense, consensus and perceived wisdom. You can spend an entire article disproving or arguing against a claim that in reality struggles to hold water. Someone copywriting in the UK … Read More

The tale of the SEO copywriter and Conversion Optimisation

9th April 2009SEO Copywriting

If you’re an SEO copywriter, you might be noticing this new phrase cropping up more and more – Conversion Optimisation. Conversion optimisation is the means by which your website is structured to convert visitors into customers. It’s critical that your navigation and message inspire every site visitor to become a client – all they need … Read More

Calls to Action in copywriting – Read the full story NOW.

27th March 2009Copywriting

So there it is – an exquisitely sculptured piece of copywriting, a website or brochure glinting in the early spring sunshine. A beautifully manicured article, a crafted sales letter or eager email bristling with the benefits and rewards of your latest fab new product sits impatiently on your screen – ready to get out there … Read More

Beware brochure copywriting – It’s not what you say…

25th March 2009Copywriting

When it comes to web copywriting it’s never been truer that it’s not what you say, but the way that you say it. Add tone to your copywriting Any copywriter will tell you tone is incredibly important when developing appropriate copy. The way in which your message is conveyed is hugely dependent on tone – a … Read More

Go Web Copywriter GO!

1st February 2009Web Copywriting

Whether the cake is getting smaller or more people are trying to take it from you, threat inspires innovative problem solving, and a web copywriter can help

The universal language of the web copywriter

22nd January 2009Web Copywriting

The literary world is a strange one, terraced by varying degrees of acceptability whereon published authors look down with disdain upon mere journalists, and journalists return the compliment by looking down upon the lowest of the low – the web copywriter. Writing commercial copy is often seen as ‘bread and butter’ work – enough to … Read More