Five types of blog posts to hook visitors

18th April 2014Content Strategy

A blog is one of the most powerful ways to reach out to your customers online, and it can also help you to create a two-way dialogue which enables you to learn more about them and their needs. But in order for it to do that, your blog must capture their attention and their imagination, … Read More

Five powerful ways to add value to your online articles and content

17th April 2014Content Strategy

Ask any online marketing professional or web copywriter what the most important reason for creating online articles and content is, and they’re likely to respond, ‘to add value’. If you’re creating online articles and content simply for the sake of having some content up there, or to satisfy some supposed SEO criteria, you’re missing out … Read More

Set up your own social media newsroom

16th April 2014Social Media

Think about this for a moment: the press release is a text-based promotional tool developed over 100 years ago.   It was/is not designed for the social media-powered sharing-sharing of today’s media world. And despite what they might say, the traditional wire service is also (though something not to forego) a traditional way of getting … Read More

Content marketing: how to leverage online content when you don’t sell online

15th April 2014Content Marketing

The internet has changed the way that many businesses do business and think about online content. Over the past decade e-commerce has gone from being a buzzword to a global marketplace expected to be worth $1.5 trillion by the end of the year ( There are millions of businesses cashing in on the opportunity to … Read More

Heads up SEO copywriters: Google’s gurus reveal all at SMX West

11th April 2014SEO Copywriting

Every year on the other side of the Atlantic, the Search Marketing Expo – better known as SMX West – draws digital marketers, SEO copywriters and SEO specialists of all flavours to California. The event, programmed by the editors over at Search Engine Land, frequently provides insights into the current state of digital marketing and … Read More

Google: “Backlinks Matter”. Bing: “So Does Quality”.

12th March 2014SEO Copywriting

If you want to know what really matters when it comes to SEO and what areas you should be focusing on in the development of your website, who better to ask than the search engines themselves? Google and Bing are generally quite tight-lipped about the exact specifications of their algorithms, but they do from time … Read More

Is your Digital Marketing Budget Reaching all the Right Areas?

3rd March 2014Content Marketing

In the past two decades, digital marketing has gone from being an exciting new suite of tools for businesses to promote themselves, to an essential part of any marketing strategy. And all signs suggest that it’s continuing to grow in importance to businesses. According to Econsultancy and Responsys’ ‘Marketing Budgets Report 2014’, 71% of businesses … Read More

Guest Blogging & Relationship Building

28th February 2014Blogging

As we explained in an earlier post, Google’s web spam team is looking to target the (questionable) practise of using low-quality article writing and ‘guest blogging’ as a means to get links back to your own website. Exactly how they are going to do this is speculation at best. But we’re not worried about these … Read More

What is Guest Blogging Part 6 – Getting Guest Bloggers For Your Blog

27th February 2014Blogging

As you get out there in your guest blogging strategy and start networking, writing content on other sites and generally making a name for yourself (and your business) within your marketplace, you’ll find that some bloggers out there would like you to reciprocate. Yes, you can build your own blog traffic and content up by … Read More

What is Guest Blogging Part 5 – Tools Of The Trade

25th February 2014Blogging

Now that we’ve covered a lot of the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of guest blogging in this series, it’s time to get practical. Today, we’re going to look at some of the items you might want to include in your guest blog toolkit. First up, your tools for making and keeping connections. Social media tools As … Read More

What is Guest Blogging Part 2 – Research Your Opportunities

13th February 2014Blogging

Having spent some quality time building up your online persona – for which you will already be reaping some reward – it is time to seek out the opportunities for your guest blog posts. There are many ways to go about this, but since we come from a PR background, we would highly recommend beginning … Read More

What is Guest Blogging Part 1 – Build Your Online Persona

11th February 2014Blogging

When you want to use guest blogging as part of your online marketing mix, you need to ensure you have built up a healthy presence. Yes, there are dos and don’ts to the tactic, but I’m talking about actually showing the world your online persona – who you are (or what you want the world … Read More

Going local on the World Wide Web

6th February 2014Content Strategy

The internet has given businesses of all sizes an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers and clients in all four corners of the world. Within a few clicks, someone in China or Australia could be browsing your site and investigating your products or services. But while this may be useful for some companies, for many the … Read More

Five tips for creating a perfect post for your blog

5th February 2014Blogging

Once upon a time, all you needed to succeed online was a website, but that was long ago. The humble website is still at the core of all online marketing strategies, but today many businesses are preoccupied with the ‘social media conversation’ going on across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and myriad other social networks. But in … Read More