How to use online press releases to your advantage

4th February 2014Press Release Copywriting

Today’s online world is a constantly moving environment, and to get ahead in it you need to leverage this fact to your advantage. While having a good solid bank of ‘evergreen’ content on your website is important, so too is having the ability to create timely content that will intrigue web users and journalists alike. … Read More

Why and how to create a strong brand voice online

3rd February 2014Branding & Brand Story

Whether your business is a small firm targeting customers in your immediate area, or a multinational giant with global reach, the creation of a strong brand voice is crucial to your success. Consumers today have access to an unparalleled level of choice via the internet, and if you don’t stand out from the crowd you … Read More

Five ways to get great results from your email marketing

30th January 2014Email Copywriting

Email marketing is a vital component of many businesses’ wider marketing strategies, and one which can deliver results in the form of valuable conversions. Of course though, for every email that’s actually read, there are many more which are either ignored or immediately deleted. The trick lies in maximising the number that are read, and … Read More

7 (More) Ways Guest Blogging Can Benefit Your Business

29th January 2014Blogging

We have already explained some benefits of guest blogging, including how it gives you exposure and drives qualified traffic to your blog and website. We also discussed some of the downside in the same post. But guest blogging is much bigger than traffic. It benefits your online business in ways that might be so immediately … Read More

SEO copywriting for homepages: what do you need?

28th January 2014SEO Copywriting

One area of your website that should always be on the SEO copywriter‘s agenda is your homepage. It is often the most popular page on your website. It is likely to be a gateway to the rest of your site and your online sales cycle. It’s where people come to see what you’re all about … Read More

Is your web content fit for mobile?

22nd January 2014Web Copywriting

Years ago, the big story in retail was the shopping revolution brought about by the internet. But as revolutionary as shopping online from home may once have seemed, it’s now old news. Today the revolution is located within people’s pockets, and it’s not always in the home, it’s on the go – and your web … Read More

Our Top Copywriting Posts of 2013

20th January 2014Web Copywriting

2013 was an eventful year, wasn’t it? Now that it’s the New Year we’ve been looking back, wondering where the time went, and along the way we rediscovered some posts on copywriting that stuck out as particular favourites. Enjoy the wonders of the past year! Empathy matters in copywriting – here’s how to show it … Read More

A Newsjacking ‘How To’ For Content Writers

16th January 2014Content Marketing

A while back we wrote a post about newsjacking, what it is and what to watch out for when you are using this strategy in your content marketing. That caused a bit of stir and we received enough questions that we thought we would address the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of using this approach in your … Read More

Are You Integrating Your Online Marketing?

13th January 2014Content Marketing, Content Strategy

Businesses today have an unprecedented range of tools at their disposal with which to promote themselves and their services. From all-singing and dancing websites to social media, email marketing and PPC advertising, the internet has bestowed a rich bounty upon 21st century marketers; a veritable cornucopia of methods for getting marketing messages out there. But … Read More

Five Content Marketing Predictions for 2014

6th January 2014Content Marketing

In the past couple of years, content marketing has moved on from being the next big thing in digital marketing to being something that no business or online copywriter can afford to ignore. The question is no longer, “should we be engaged in content marketing,” it’s, “how can we keep up with the competition and … Read More

Copywriting trends for 2014

13th December 2013Content Marketing

Way back at the beginning of the year, we did what any good marketing blog would do. We put our writing on the line and attempted to predict what would happen in the coming year. How did we do? Well…not too bad, actually. We said that content marketing would become commonplace (check), and that businesses … Read More

Pay for Clicks or Hire an SEO Copywriter?

19th September 2013SEO Copywriting

For businesses that want to make their mark on the search engines there are two distinct ways in which they can attempt to increase their online visibility and get people visiting their site. The first is to pay the search engine directly to display adverts that lead to the site, while the second is to … Read More