Ok stop yawning at the back. Pay attention. Press release copywriting could win you a heap of traffic.

Much maligned and abused over recent years you’d be forgiven for thinking that, these days, press releases and the art of press release copywriting have been relegated to a virtual irrelevance. Information subsuming information through free to press release submission sites, endless media outlets, directories and online publications creating an almost valueless mountain of ‘news’ stories.

The fact is though, that a well presented, and carefully crafted press release can be a powerful driver of traffic. With the sexy new fad of social media marketing attracting all the attention, the power of the online article and press release as an off page SEO tool is now often overlooked.

6 tips to give your press release copywriting a fighting chance.

  • Say what you need to say quickly – Get to the point and make your point clear.
  • Pseudo impartiality – Don’t sell, share information. Share it objectively. This is a news based document not a pitch.
  • English please – Avoid jargon, acronyms and abbreviations.Not everybody shares your inside knowledge.
  • Cultivate your contacts – Don’t just fire your press release to every free service under the sun. Nurture a list of targeted, relevant media opportunities bloggers and contact personally. A courtesy call wouldn’t go amiss too on occasions.
  • Timing – Avoid out of office hours, Friday afternoons and holidays.
  • The press release that cried wolf – If you haven’t got a story then don’t release a press release. This will pay dividends in the long run when you have got a genuine news story to share.

Most professional copywriters have been brought up on press release copywriting and have now transferred those skills to online distribution and propagation. If you need any advice be sure to contact one for a clearer idea on how you might benefit from well written well distributed releases.

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