Whether you’re an estate agent, a rental agency or a private seller, the key to finding a buyer is writing a good property description which manages to convince them of how appealing and how right the property is for them. Here are a few quick tips from a property copywriter on how to write property descriptions that sell.

First things first

When they first view your description, people just want the basic facts. For this reason it’s a good idea to start off with a simple list of bullet points with emphasis on the kind of details people want to know first before they look any further into a property. Things you should include here include: location, number of rooms, whether there’s a garage/garden, type of house, window types, kitchen facilities and anything else you think relevant.

The list shouldn’t be too long, but it is vital for engaging interest at a glance. Accentuate the positive, but be honest In the main description of your property you should go into more detail about what makes it worth buying. You should use positive language throughout, but be honest and never knowingly deceive. Remember also that people tend to respond better to content which is written naturally and genuinely, rather than full of salesspeak. Avoid jargon, which can be confusing, and don’t get overly poetic with your adjectives – it’s a property description, not a Shakespearean sonnet.

Find your selling points

Your property copywriter should put emphasis on the aspects of the property which set it apart from others on the market, for example its spacious rooms or elegant design. Consider what is important to your target buyers, so for example, if it’s a family house you might mention the proximity to local schools. Discuss measurements where appropriate, but don’t get bogged down in technical details.

Use why, not just what

Finally, one of the most important things for a property copywriter to do is to link features to benefits. That is, tell the reader clearly how they will benefit from a specific feature, such as UPVC windows.

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