There’s a misinformed debate amongst the copywriting world over whether website copywriting should be written specifically for a target audience (human readers) or for the search engine spiders.
People ask whether readability should be sacrificed at the expense of optimised copyas though the two were mutually exclusive. They’re not.

Copywriting doesn’t have to be either/or

Any decent copywriter will be able to compose highly readable copywriting that also engages the search engines on your keywords and keyword phrases. Theme your pages, employ a tone and language aimed directly at your audience, and offer content of genuine worth.

Readability equals optimisation

Sure, bots need to be guided towards your priority terms.  But to do this you might employ the following techniques.

  • including keywords in headers and subheaders.
  • using bold.
  • keyword anchor tags.
  • bullet points.
  • quickly including your keywords in the fist sentence and couple of paragraphs of your text.

As you might have noticed, all of these are also helpful to human readers as they scan the page.

Applying a little SEO copywriting knowledge like this means in effect that a well written web page is also an optimised web page.

Of course, paying too much attention to keyword densities, keyword stuffing or just clunky copy with your keywords clumsily shoe-horned is counter productive.

For advice and or inspiration talk to a professional copywriter. SEO copywriting is a core competence for most copywriters these days so it shouldn’t be hard getting some input.

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