This post from our “Ask An SEO Copywriter” series was almost titled ‘How do I get backlinks?’ But, I find the term misleading. You are getting ‘links’ to your site, plain and simple.

So which one do you focus on first? Do you spend time writing a lot of great content that no one may see? Or, do you spend money and time trying to get links to your website so that the content you produce makes some kind of impact?

In a way, it feels like the old ‘chicken and egg’ scenario. Which comes first?

I find so much of what is said about SEO is like this. It’s nearly impossible to tease apart the nest of conflicting information.

But, it’s not really that way at all.

You must have something to link to

When it comes to SEO copywriting, quality content is your first order of business. You need to have something worth linking to, or no one will bother.

What is worth linking to? Well, it’s the content your customers are interested in. You write content that focusses on the topics and issues that are important to them, and are relevant to your niche. This means you write about pipes bursting in the winter if you’re a plumber, or you write about how to ski moguls if you’re an equipment maker or ski resort.

At first, it’s these pages of keyword-rich and relevant information that get picked up the search engines and start generating traffic. As these visitors read your great content, something happens.

These interesting pages of copywriting that get shared (linked). Your current visitors and readers find this content useful and want to share it either by email or on one of their social networks, or even their own website.

Keep on doing it

Building up links doesn’t just happen because others already know how awesome you are. You have to prove it.

Over and over again.

Better SEO copywriting is how you do it. As you get (back)links to your content, you need to keep the momentum up. Keep creating new content that is relevant, and timely. You need to constantly create the need for your customers and potential customers to visit your website.

If you are feeling swamped, a good SEO copywriter can help you find new relevant topics and write the content that keeps them coming back.

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