Armed with the knowledge that there are four basic types of personality we can go about crafting our copy in a way that will interest each and that each will respond to along multiple navigational paths.

In effect you are enabling each personality type to self select the content that appeals.

Of course people are complex creatures and cross over these simplistic personality types. No individual exists within one category but an appreciation of them and the careful use of SEO copywriting that appeal to different types of readers can be an effective technique in guiding them to messages that motivate.

Future Now use the following sentence as an example of copy that contains elements appealing to all personalities.

‘Our approach is personalized to meet your objectives. The bottom line is that your results are guaranteed. Explore our methodology to discover how thousands of clients just like you have been delighted.’

The ‘personalized to meet your objectives’ sentence will instantly appeal to Amiables or Spontaneous personality types who like to get as much information as quickly as possible often by skimming  or scanning pages. A/S readers like to see customer testimonials and have USPs clearly defined. They tend to be trend followers as opposed to trend setter and react to ‘word of mouth’

Analytics/Methodicals will head for the ‘methodology” section. Where they may be greeted with a detailed pdf download of in depth technical information. Features driven they  like the use of graphs and tables with simple stated facts. Fluffy or vague sales speak doesn’t go down well.

Humanists/Expressives will appreciate the validation of “thousands of clients.”  Fearful of commitment and in need of constant reassurance they react well to a personal tone as well as testimonials, money back guarantees, links to return policies and assurances of security. H/Es are often repeat buyers so if you can engage successfully they will likely prove loyal and profitable customers.

Competitives/Assertives are the hardest to sell to and will be reassured with the referral to “bottom lines” and ‘guaranteed results.’ They like clear and definitive credentials with value and quality stated unambiguously. C/As are competitive and impatient. They won’t hang around if they don’t quickly see what they need and will abandon a page or sale easily. Offer credible information and obvious calls to action.

Of course the important part of the whole process is to accept and appreciate that people are all very different and that a one size fits all copy approach is a course bound to fail.

Defined navigation paths? Or a broader brush approach matching personality or persona to the site as a whole? You choose.

However you choose to approach personas and personalties, the fact that your writing is seeking to genuinely identify your reader and to seriously address their motivations is an important step on the road to successful SEO copywriting –  conversions and profits.

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