In the current economic climate everyone is tightening their belts, pulling up their bootstraps, adjusting other bits of clothing and generally hunkering down for the long haul back into a ‘positive growth economy’ (estimated to kick in some time next year. Probably. Hopefully…). But through all the dark times that lay ahead, there are still those dedicated souls, beavering late into the night to deliver a message to the masses on behalf of beleaguered businesses everywhere.

The web copywriter

Who is this mysterious figure, hunched over a keyboard? How do they know about PageRank? Do they practice ‘black hat’ or ‘white hat’ techniques? And just what exactly is LinkJuice?

SEO web copywriters in the UK and across the world are like Internet Druids. They speak many technical languages and know how to communicate with the otherworldly ‘bots’ of the search engines. Some web copywriters even claim knowledge of the sacred algorithms of the almighty Google (don’t trust these mountebanks – no-one except Google knows!)

They can conjure up copy that will create an alchemy-like reaction of turning a line of text into a widget and causing website’s cups to runneth over with LinkJuice. All of this ethereal power makes the SEO copywriter the master of the web, sitting in the middle spinning out silken lines of text that bind easily into the framework of the ‘net itself, connecting your page to thousands of others across the globe.

Web copywriting is the devil?

In more basic terms, a web copywriter can produce copy that will optimize a website’s performance on the search engine listings. The higher the listing, the more chance a site has of being read by the masses.

But the devil is in the detail, and an SEO copywriter knows how to produce copy that appeals not only to humans but also to the spiders that trawl the Internet, looking for pages to recommend for listing. It is this ability to produce copy that appeals to all page visitors – both human and electronic – that puts the SEO copywriter in a strong position at the forefront of a business community relying on the promotional power of ‘New Media’.

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