People often think that an SEO copywriter somehow differs from any other type of copywriter, that the SEO copywriter needs to think in different ways, to apply different skills, that they weave magic spells that will hypnotise Google into handing out top search placements.

Well you know what? People are right (partly). The SEO copywriter does play a very important role in any website’s profile. Poor SEO means poor search engine profile. The SEO copywriter can make a big difference to the way that search engines evaluate the relevance of websites and position them against search terms.

People are also wrong though. In reality effective SEO copywriting and good traditional copywriting go hand in hand, performed by the same people and generating the same sorts of benefits.

SEO copywriters aren’t a breed apart – a talented SEO copywriter is a good marketing copywriter, is a good blog copywriter, is a good article copywriter is a good copywriter. Different writers might have different preferences when it comes to the medium they communicate in, but generally they are all one and the same person applying the same range of skills to the same sorts of ends.

What are the main skills that an SEO copywriter uses?

Here are three of the most important SEO considerations.

  • Headlines

Headlines are important in all copywriting, even more so when it come SEO. Use the h1 tag as your title and to shine a very bright light on your keywords. Show Google you mean business. Use the h2 tag for sub-headings, and the h3 tag on sub-sub-headings. Google likes organised hierarchical writing.

  • Keyword positioning

No longer is keyword density (and associated keyword stuffing) of prime importance. What you need to do is to make sure that your most important keywords appear at the beginning of the page, ideally in the first sentence and again later in the first paragraph, in most paragraphs and somewhere towards the end.

Don’t compromise the quality of your writing by trying to shoe uk copywriter horn copywriter uk in keywords. Remember, the better your copy reads, the more inbound links you will attract and the more your quality content will be rewarded with healthy search engine positioning.

  • Emphasis

Use italics, underlining or bold to impress upon the search engines the importance of certain words.

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