Apps and tools come and go, but there are some that are built to stick. Here are some of the PR tools we use (and some of our PR friends tell us they can’t live without).

If you have any further mentions, let us know in the comments.

1. Twitter

Public relations changed with social media, and the ground literally fell away with Twitter. Yes, the little bird really is that important to modern PR.


For a start, it’s a great way to stay on top of what people are talking about – whether that’s you, your competitors, the latest news/gossip in your sector and around the world.

You can quickly and easily take a pulse check on what others in your niche are paying attention to and it’s a fantastic way to find out what the journalists you’re targeting are working on / interested in.

And then, of course, there’s the whole networking thing…

If you don’t like Twitter’s native interface, you might really like Tweetdeck. It even features a ‘trending’ filter so you can quickly see what your lists are talking about.

2. Feedly

We used to love Google Reader as a super-tool for bringing us the latest across a range of topics of interest to us. But sadly, GR is no more…

In walked Feedly, and we were forever grateful.

What an aggregation tool like Feedly does is it frees you up from the burden of finding all the content in your niche and aggregating it in one easy to use place. In 10 short minutes (that’s all you should really spend on this), you’ll be able to easily scan through the news feeds coming at you from your industry and interest areas. From there, set up the good ones to share with your followers/friends/contacts and use the trends and latest news to good effect in your own content marketing (see newsjacking).

3. Muck Rack

Now, we must admit this was a new one to us. But it’s one our PR friends say is absolutely indispensable to them.

Muck Rack is, if you’re not familiar, a service that filters and analyses how journalists cover the news (in real time). It boasts thousands of journalists from around the world, verified by the editors, and you can sign up for a tracker that sends out a daily report based on your relevant terms in email format.

It’s a great way to follow what the journalists are up to and can help you make in-roads into those all-important relationships.

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