People keep asking why any one would spend their time advertising other people’s web sites through links on Twitter? A copywriter tweeting links to other copywriter’s sites?

Well the simple answer is that what you post reflects who you are. If you can add value to other people’s Twitter experience with helpful, informative tweets then you become valuable. If all you do is spam their Tweetdeck windows with endless blunt sales messages then forget it, you will soon find yourself un-followed.

So as a freelance copywriter and blogger who’s studying social media marketing and content marketing hard (as this very clearly seems to be the way things are headed) I want to Tweet with taste. I’m going to follow some of the most interesting copywriters and prime movers in copywriting and SMM – Brian Clark at for example or Lawrence Bernstein at or Seth godin or Chris Brogan maybe. Sure, in certain respects you could at a stretch regard them as competition, but really all such informed contributions do is shine a light both on the subject matter in hand and you as someone happy to contribute to the greater good by sharing worthwhile information.

It may sound counter intuitive or strange, but promoting other people’s sites, their ideas, their work can be really productive. It can help build your following and act to reflect the quality of your taste and judgement. You’ll be re-tweeted, gain more exposure and more followers who eventually will follow you back to your blog and become clients and customers.


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