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The secret to social media success

Our content curation service is designed to turbo-charge your engagement on social media, increase your following and drive traffic to your website.

It’s a powerful promotional strategy that ensures your original content reaches as wide an audience as possible. And it supports your original content with carefully chosen third-party stories that will demonstrate your sector expertise, foster more interaction with your followers and ultimately get more people to visit your site.

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    “Big Star are fantastic to work with. Always flexible and ready to help, they constantly work to our tight deadlines without a hitch and deliver great quality content for our daily deals website at a very competitive price. Would recommend them to anyone!”

    Sally Hackman, Senior Copywriter, Mighty Deals

    What content curation can do for you

    Our monthly service is a completely managed package that includes strategy, research and reporting. It supports your ongoing content production and is a powerful way of beginning meaningful engagement with social media.

    For those already running content curation in-house, we save you a considerable amount of time and energy in researching and publishing stories while ensuring that you can see measurable returns with increased traffic and a growing social media following.

    Here's why we think you should give it a try:

    It works – content curation is a powerful promotional strategy and another channel in your marketing mix. We’ll help you set meaningful goals and measure success.

    It’s a way in to social media marketing – some consider content curation the first step in social media marketing. Our content curation service takes you on the first, second and third step – not only finding and sharing content but engaging actively with your social media users and actively seeking out influencers.

    It's a powerful way of researching your market – actively sharing third-party content allows you to find out what others are writing about. it can be a tool to research opportunities for guest posting or PR, ideas for writing your own content and even finding new products or services to sell.

    It positions you as a thought leader – content curation not only gets the word out about you and your products or services. It also positions you on social media as a thought leader within your sector – that’s great for your brand and, with search engines increasingly valuing brand terms as an SEO signal, that’s good news for your ranking, too.

    It can help your SEO –  Content curation can also help you build links to your site.

    Ready to get real results from social media using content curation? Fill in the form or give us a call on 01803 865025 to find out more.

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