Content Marketing Services: Platinum.

Get rapid change.

Transform your social authority, traffic, SEO and conversions. Establish yourself as a market leader in your niche through the best possible content - all researched, managed, published and delivered by us over multiple channels.

Get more customers. Easily.

Build traffic, powerfully.

Our Platinum package transforms your traffic and gets you actual customers. It makes your products and services findable through SEO content that is irresistible to your target audience - wherever they are online.

Through social media management we add hits, shares and build the right audience for your business.

Blogs that work hard for your brand.

We'll research all the most relevant keywords for your site and create high-quality blogs that will get you found.  We'll amplify this on social media and increase your reach.

Blogs will include long form content of 1000+ words (longer posts are proven to get more traffic, shares and reads) and each one will be optimised to have the greatest effect on your ranking.

Through guest blogs and curated content, we'll extend your authority and expand your audience.

Each piece of content will follow your brand voice and have your target audience in mind throughout.

Here’s what we can do for you.

  • Up to 12 SEO targeted and researched blogs per month that hit the right audience
  • Takes advantage of short and long tail keyword opportunities
  • Graphic design for social media posts
  • All social media managed and grown
  • Guest blogging opportunities for increased reach and authoritative backlinks
  • Long form content (1000 words +) that is proven to increase shares and reads
  • Stock images and blog publishing on your behalf
  • Personalised analysis and reporting


Don't blame Google.

Take your keyword opportunities.

Just hoping to improve your search ranking by producing any old content won't work, and your competitors will continue to leave you behind.  You need to take advantage of the keyword opportunities that are sitting there for you.

Through detailed research, we'll create the right content and backlink opportunities that will move you up the search results and keep you there.

Consider it done.

By publishing each piece of content for you, adding great images and SEO tags, we'll save you a lot of time and hassle. You can avoid all the fiddly, but essential work and get on with growing your business.

All your content will be fully managed on your social media and email channels. We'll even design and share bespoke graphics for you - adding virality and further extending your reach.



Proper reporting.
Analysis that means something.

We deliver actionable data.

You’ll gain a complete understanding of reader behaviour with relation to goals and conversions, including user flow from and to articles, your most influential referrers (other sites and social media platforms) and search practices.

You can watch your organic traffic increase with monthly, focused SEO reviews and recommendations for your entire site.

Our reports also help you keep ahead of industry trends and competitors with a bespoke report on breakout conversations relevant to your industry, recommendations for marketing activity and a review of competitors’ ranking for your industry keywords

The nitty gritty.

We’ll get down to the most practical and pragmatic level. We'll go beyond just views to get a complete understanding of how your readers engaged with the content: where they came from, what they searched for and what they did after reading the article. From looking at exit and bounce rates, we may offer recommendations for user experience improvements, helping you to achieve higher conversion rates.

Understanding site activity in relation to your social media posts will show what’s working on social and what can be improved, insights we’ll share with you in clear and actionable recommendations. An in-depth understanding of search behaviour will help to steadily increase organic traffic to the site, while the backlink report will identify your most valuable referrers.

SEO reporting and recommendations.

As part of this package, we’ll keep your SEO in great shape with an actionable monthly report and recommendations covering all aspects of making a site super-search-engine friendly, from alt-tags to focus keywords and everything in between. This will keep you on the right track when it comes to your content and add weight to your rankings.

Your SEO report will also cover the organic reach of previous articles, your top 10 referring sites and everything you need to achieve a steady increase in organic traffic to your site.

Industry trends and competitors.

Let us do the hard work for you with monthly monitoring of your industry trends, keywords and breakout searches. We’ll also keep an eye on up to three competitors’ activities and let you know how they’re ranking for industry keywords each month.

From this, we’ll also be able to give you recommendations for marketing activity which will keep you ahead of your peers.

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