Content Marketing Services: Silver.

Maintaining or improving your search results and social media presence is crucial. If you constantly wonder why your site is slipping down the rankings then this package will get you started - and stop the slide. 

You'll get great content - all researched, written, delivered and promoted by us.  

Add to that, actionable reporting, and your brand will be taking the right path.

Get existing and new customers on your site.

Build traffic.

Our Silver package improves your search ranking through carefully created content that takes advantage of keyword opportunities. 

Through social media and email, we'll then add crucial engagement and traffic to your site.

Great blogs to get you started.

We'll research all the most relevant keywords for your site and create high-quality blogs that will help you get found.

This will help you get conversions from your target audience and stay engaged with your existing customers.

Each piece of content will follow your brand tone-of-voice.

Here’s what's in the package.

  • Up to 4 targeted and researched blogs per month
  • Blog promotion via social media
  • Email marketing (monthly)
  • Useful, actionable analysis and reporting
  • 3-month minimum period
  • Upgrade at any time


Get started on your SEO.

Those keyword opportunities are waiting.

Just hoping to improve your search ranking by producing any old content won't work, and your competitors will continue to leave you behind.  You need to start on those keyword opportunities now.

Through proper research, we'll create the content that will help move you up the search results.

Let's take advantage.

We'll magnify the content through your social media and email channels, putting you in front of existing and new customers.

This engagement can further boost your traffic, creating an upward trend.


Useful reporting.  For once.

Actionable reports.

Let's face it - data without an intelligent human being interpreting it is a waste of time. From our, reports you'll gain an understanding of reader behaviour with relation to goals and conversions, including user flow from, and to, articles.

You'll also know who most influential referrers are, and the influence social media has on visits to your site and blog.

The nitty gritty.

We’ll provide a report on how your readers engaged with your content, where they came from and what they did after reading. You’ll learn to understand user flow through your website and where potential customers may be dropping out.

Your social media report will provide an overview of how social impacts on your site visits, and valuable insight into what’s working and what can be improved. We’ll tell you what percentage of your visits come from social, which platforms bring the most traffic and how visitors behave when they get to your site.


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