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Content Marketing. Social Media. Email. SEO. Analytics. Relax. We've got this.

For most businesses, SEO and content marketing are one massive headache. The constant change, the jargon, the conflicting advice and, most of all, the continual demand to spend more and more of your precious time on writing, posting, sharing, commenting, liking, optimising and all the rest. And if you don't? Rankings slide, traffic drops off, competitors gobble up market share.

As a content writing agency with copywriting at its heart, all the work we do on your behalf is built around great writing. We use writers with real industry expertise, combined with the latest knowledge and research tools for uncovering content ideas based on what people are actually searching for. And, because no-one knows your business like you do, we also leverage your knowledge with interviews and ongoing feedback.

Transform your social authority, traffic, SEO and conversions. Establish yourself as a market leader in your niche through the best possible content - all researched, managed, published and delivered by us as a monthly service over multiple channels.

What the right ecommerce copywriter can do for you

We'll research all the most relevant keywords for your site and create high-quality blogs that will get you found. We'll amplify this on social media and increase your reach. Blogs will include long form content of 1000+ words (longer posts are proven to get more traffic, shares and reads) and each one will be optimised to have the greatest effect on your ranking. We'll even do backlink building for you.

Our monthly content marketing service will transform your traffic and get you actual customers. It will make your products and services findable through SEO content that is irresistible to your target audience - wherever they are online. Through social media management we add hits, shares and build the right audience for your business.

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