How do you charge?

We agree a fixed job cost based on our standard rate before embarking on a new project.

Our rates are EXCLUSIVE of VAT. VAT will be added to our monthly invoice.

Rates may vary depending on the type of content you need. We may charge less for large batches of SEO copywriting that require less research, whereas copywriting that needs more thinking time will be charged at a higher rate.

How do I know we can work together well?

Whether you engage us as a web copywriter for a short-term project or on a long-term basis for SEO articles or blogs, we believe in creating strong, ongoing relationships with our clients based on good communication, competitive pricing and working together effectively over the long term.

We are always available to talk on the phone or via email, so you always know where you stand. We also respond to feedback promptly, so any potential issues or grey areas are clarified quickly

When will my copywriting project be completed?

Our turnaround times are excellent: typically five to seven working days, frequently fewer, depending on the size and scope of the project. For longer web copywriting projects we may agree staggered delivery, with set milestones for each batch.

Please note: very occasionally, copywriters can become ill or need time off, which can affect delivery.

We’re only human, and respectfully request your patience if this happens.

Will you keep my copywriting project confidential?

Confidentiality is crucial for many of our clients, and we completely respect their wishes.

We never discuss the details of copywriting work undertaken for a client, or rates charged, with any of our other clients.

We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement where appropriate and all our writers, both freelancers and employees, have to sign an NDA before they begin work with us.

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What sort of brief do you need?
Every job starts with a briefing process, usually conducted on the phone by one of our copywriters – or, where the size and scope of the project merits it, face to face.

If you need help deciding what work is required, we’re happy to produce a job proposal based on your initial specifications. We may recommend a full strategic review, or the production of ongoing content such as blogs or SEO articles.

Every brief outlines the work required, delivery date and fees; beyond that, the information we require varies from job to job. We have a standard briefing document if you need some guidance on what kind of information is useful to us.

What happens after we agree on the brief?
We normally produce a small sample – usually one or two web pages or an equivalent length of text.

Samples are charged at our standard rate, and if you decide to engage us for the complete project this initial fee would be factored into the total cost.

Samples also give us an opportunity to ensure we are maintaining your in-house style and that our work is geared to your business objectives. Any feedback we receive is applied across the whole project.

Are amends included?
We believe in including amends that are fair and reasonable. We expect that tone of voice and the style of writing should be agreed with our initial sample, and a finished version of this sample would be agreed on by the second draft. Any changes to the style or tone of the work after this approval are chargeable at our standard rate.

We also expect that all the information we need to write our first draft is included in the initial brief. If we receive new information for inclusion after our first draft has been completed, amends will be charged at our standard rate.

How do I pay you?
We expect payment within seven days of the invoice date by bank transfer, unless you have previously agreed credit terms with us.

For large batches of content, we charge a 30% deposit on the total job cost and will arrange staggered payment on meeting agreed project milestones.


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